This is offered to Business Clients so Staff are supported both personally (so that they work at peak performance) and developed professionally so they take leadership initiative for the benefit of themselves in their work productivity and their team and the business.

Staff/Management using Coaching:

–          Create a high level work culture;
–          communicate, listen, co-operate and support each-other at a higher level ( listen with mutual respect, trust and confidence);
–          take responsibility for business success, working within the Mission/Vision and Values;
–          have an increased work focus;
–          complete work with efficiency and effectiveness; and
–          provide the highest level quality work and service to Clients and all Stakeholders.

Coaching Business Success provides a panel of Coaches for Staff/Management can choose from. With having a panel of Coach’s there is CHOICE of who fits best for each person:-

✓   This is introduced with an information hour where all Staff attend. The Coaching Process is explained and information is provided. The Panel of Coach’s introduce themselves by giving a (2-3minute maximum) presentation of how they work with Clients.

✓   All Staff are given the opportunity to accept coaching.

✓   We are allocated a time to be at your offices in a room that you provide and offer these sessions on a regular basis of your choice (monthly, fortnightly or weekly based on number of employees in the business).

✓   Bookings can be made through our administration or your HR.

In organisations where outside Coachs are brought into the organisation to Coach Staff, it improved teamwork/ relationships/ communication/ leadership and the overall culture within departments as well as the whole organisation (see attached Benefits of Coaching).

Given organisations continuously go through “Change” this support to Staff/Management will decrease/stop the possibly of anyone in the business sitting in a space of immobilisation (see The Change Process). This in-house Employee Enhancement Program supports a shift to a space of acceptance, hope, exploration and moving forward for themselves and the business.

Providing an EEP is a way that you can show your employees how much you value them because you are providing them with a Coach. It’s a reward and recognition of their value. The organisation benefits from constantly highly productive employees.

How useful would this program be for the business? How useful would Staff working at peak performance be? I am happy to attend your offices and discuss this further (with no obligation).

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