Working through the grief of losing someone

These workshops support people struggling with grief of losing someone close. When people struggle with grief, it effects their whole life which means both home and work. Their communication and self-awareness becomes low which effects their personal life and their productivity and effectiveness at when working (especially in Management and Leadership responsibilities).

Based here in Perth, Personal Life Coach Mary Argese provides a series of workshops that support people to cope with the loss of someone through death, coaching them to move through the grief and develop a new future. A participant of last year’s workshops said “The coaching sessions have provided me with the tools, strength, freedom and confidence to review what’s important to me and to begin to make a future for myself with this in mind.”  The workshops provide clarity on what “the future from today” looks like, a safe space to develop plans with no judgement regarding what the future can look like and also a place to discuss and share feelings and thoughts.

They help reduce the feeling of isolation experienced following the loss of a loved one and learnings to find peace in grief. The workshops can provide the opportunity to create new friendships and a support group. With this help people can move forward and on with their life. Their personal life and work life goes back to functioning at the best they can be.

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