Not sure if being coached is for you? Take this short quiz and find out. On completion of the quiz your details will be forwarded to Personal Life Coach and Executive Business Coach Mary Argese.

The only requirement for the quiz is honesty.
1 is the lowest score, 5 being the highest score.

Am I Coachable

I am reliable to be on time for all my appointments. I will not change set appointments (to sabotage my development and growth, by avoiding and delaying)

The time is right for me to take coaching.

I will take action after all coaching sessions and am willing to be challenged.

I will do my best to move forward, after each coaching session.

I will try new ideas and use awareness’s from all sessions, to make changes.

I will speak honestly with the Coach.

I will give honest feedback to the Coach.

I am willing to change or modify behaviours which are not working for me.

I am willing to financially invest in Coaching for myself, as I see it as a worthwhile investment. The fee will not financially hurt me.

I am someone who can share credit for my success’s with the Coach.

You have finished the quiz! The result will be sent via email, please provide your details below.

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