1. Ask what qualifications and training they have? The higher and in-depth the level of education, the greater level of quality the Coach will have.
  2. Ask about experience – number of years coaching. Also, the more extensive range of Clients, the greater the ability.
  3. Ask about ICF Membership and Accreditation. ICF members must uphold the Code of Practice and the Code of Ethics and Standards, and meet stringent training and coaching practice requirements.
  4. Ask for Testimonials and Recommendations.
  5. It’s important that they suit your personality, if it’s a Personal Coach you are looking for, or Your Business if it’s an Executive Coach you are looking for. Remember, Coaching requires an important trust relationship. There must be a connection between you and the Coach that “feels” right.
  6. Ask to see their Mission and Values Statements, and ensure these fit with you (or your Business).
  7. Know your goals and objectives for working with a Coach.
  8. Ask what Coaching specialty or areas they most often work in.
  9. And finally, ask what are some of their coaching success stories.

Reference:      The International Coaching Federation Website

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