1.  Strong People and Interpersonal Skills – be caring, compassionate, big hearted, respect others, connect to others and make others feel valuable.

2. Visionary – communicate a compelling vision of the future that fosters alignment. Know and set a strategic direction and business plan that allow the organisation to thrive.

3. Team Builder – Unite, engage and support team effort. Build involvement and consensus, support team member and advocate for team initiatives.

4. Personable and Approachable – Be accessible, available, ‘open door’, friendly, likeable, easy to work with and have a good sense of humour

5. Lead by Example – be a good role model. Walk the talk. Model the values of the organisation.

6. Passion and Drive – have passion, enthusiasm, drive and a strong sense of commitment to the success of the organisation and to personal success.

7. Good Listener – be attentive and present when people are presenting their views.

8. Develop People – Share experiences and provide mentoring, coaching, career planning and developmental experience to ensure growth and development.

9. Empower People – Share leadership and encourage people to take ownership, find their own solutions, make their own decisions, and learn from mistakes. Trust people’s ability and their willingness to follow direction provided.

10. Positive Attitude – be optimistic, upbeat and have a ‘can-do’ attitude.

(Referencing/Sourced from The Leadership Circle Top 10 Creative Strengths)

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