Shadow Coaching is an advanced application of reflective and observational coaching that provides one way for clients to go below the surface into the core dynamics of a situation, showing the truth of the moment and making decisions that move people forward. It a real-time learning approach in developing a refined self-awareness and capabilities in the workplace as a result of reflection on practice. It enables people, not only to benefit from the continuous presence of an observing coach over an extended period of time in a typical set of workdays but also develops their own role as self-observer for the long term. It teaches clients to become reflective practitioners.

This type of coaching is ideally suited to organizational leaders who must make decisions and act adaptively in intense work environments. Shadow coaching involves partnering with clients in their work environments and brings another experienced and fresh perspective that helps to identify problematic dynamics, work habits and assumptions that impede effectiveness. Within Shadow Coaching is the competency of Laser Coaching which involves being able to provoke the leader’s awareness of these problematic features in ways that they can be addressed immediately. It goes beyond support to problem-solving.

Shadow Coaching attends to the individual, social, relational and environmental aspects of the client’s ‘world’. The Shadow Coach Coach’s all sides of a person’s personality, what clients are aware of and what they aren’t paying attention to including their ‘Shadow’ personality.  It creates seismically altering change.

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