What Our Clients Say About Us

There was one thing in particular that I wish to give feedback on, even though so many of our sessions helped me. One thing Mary taught me was a simple “What are you going to do about it?” and “Just make a decision.” These two relatively simple phrases combined have made a massive impact on me. I no longer overthink and simply decide what I’m going to do about whatever is bothering me be it work or home issues. Sometimes the answer is that I’ll do nothing about it but is still a resolution as I have done something about it for myself. Just something so simple but really useful and a small part of why I was so grateful for Mary’s assistance with both my personal and business coaching.

I had a personal clarity session with Business Coach, Mary Argese. She helped me map out clear goals that tied up with my business goals. She went the extra mile to provide value and practical resources to grow my business and was able to contextualize solutions. Her value was worth more than the money I paid for that session. She takes on a practical approach by providing tools and recommendations that are relevant to your business through her referral partnerships. I am yet to use up all the resources as they are applicable to different stages of my business journey.

I have had the privilege of working with Mary as part of my business – Mary coaches some of our clients (with incredible success). When I found myself at a roadblock, I immediately thought of her to help me navigate my way through it, through coaching. Mary’s supportive and professional approach has helped me shift through some long-held beliefs which were holding me back (unbeknownst to me). I thoroughly recommend Mary as a business and personal coach.

I have been seeing Mary for almost 3 years for Business and Personal Coaching. Before I started my business was doing ok, now my business is thriving and doing extremely well. I love Mary’s holistic approach to coaching. She cares and challenges me in every way to remain accountable to myself and my clients. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Mary’s amazing skills and knowledge. Highly recommended!!

Coaching with Mary has helped me immensely over the last year. Mary gave me the clarity to rediscover again what my real core values are, and passion is in life, which over the last 10 years in growing a business you tend to forget or put on hold. In doing so, this has allowed me to be present in my personal life with my family, and at the same time allowed me to step back from the micro-managing of my Staff, to empowering them to make the decisions themselves, which in turn makes them accountable, and has allowed me now time to do the things I enjoy in business and in pleasure. Thanks so much, Mary.

We have been using Mary for about 2 years now, I can’t believe the difference she has made to our business and personal life, she offers so much support and helps with direction, moving forward, getting over those hard times. Mary has helped us turn our business completely around in so many ways, she is worth every penny and more. I have been so busy of late, not even having time to write this testimonial.

Our return on investment in working with Mary has been immense. On commencing our business coaching, results were almost immediate; within a year we turned a profit, the following year, a marked profit – in fact, our Financial Advisor is now advising us on investing surplus funds. Mary has proven to have excellent business management knowledge; she re-focused our attention and got us back on track with finances. From there we went through all areas of running a business, identifying inefficiencies, giving us new insights, developing leadership skills, which incidentally had the added benefit of helping us not only professionally but also personally. This has proved invaluable to a family run business. For me as the spouse of the Managing Director, Mary has shown me that I am an integral part of the business, has encouraged me to take on more roles and responsibilities, given me a boost to speak up and feel a valued part of the business. We continue with Mary as she is a good sounding board and her skill is to get to the root of the problem and provide clear and practical solutions. With each session, our confidence has grown and ideas for expansion have been able to flourish.

I found Mary has a lovely personal, friendly and professional manner. Unsure of what to expect heading into the coaching, I feel I have come out the other side with a greater sense of identity. Mary has given me a platform which I continue with further goals using the help and skills she has given me. She has a great ability to understand you as a person which I believe is incredibly valuable in getting to a place you perhaps could not see yourself at the start. I am grateful for meeting Mary and would recommend to others.

Via the EPP Program

I can’t thank Mary enough for all the professionalism and guidance she has provided me throughout my journey whilst undertaking ‘The Leadership Circle’, and post ‘The Leadership Circle’. It has transformed my career and my life in general! Through ‘The Leadership Circle’, I was made aware of behaviours that were holding me back. Mary assisted me in shifting these behaviours so that I could spend more time being a creative leader and achieve better results. It’s quite a confronting process and will test your courage but one experience that I can’t recommend highly enough! Take the plunge and improve your career by engaging Mary as your business coach! Thanks again, Mary.

Via the EPP Program

If you want to smile when you pick up the phone then you need to call Mary. I got in touch with Mary initially through a leadership program up in the Kimberley’s, where Mary helped me set some clear goals and focuses. After the program, I continued my coaching which over the 5 months I developed skills in delegation, time management and managing hard conversations. I have not only learnt to be a better leader at work but a better person at home with my family. I also received help to identify my values and how my values affect the decisions I make. Most importantly Mary made me realise the importance of a work-life balance, not just physically but mentally too. I always look forward to my sessions, they are personalised to you and what you want to focus on but on top of that they are very enjoyable.

The below is how the TLC has benefited me and what I have gained for using this 360 assessment/coaching and what difference it made to LD TOTAL ‘design’ section of the business.

All natural leaders want to be successful in what we do, particularly when we are passionate about it and this program; The Leadership Circle (TLC) allows a platform with coaching for an individual to improve as a professional leader or manager for a business (employer) to benefit overall.

The Leadership Circle (TLC) is a career accelerator that allows a business professional to learn more about how they are perceived as; a manager or boss, a colleague and a service provider (consultant) to clients. TLC encourages the professional to learn new skills, take their career in the right direction, define how to correct their own awareness of one’s self (perception), build confidence and change habits to be better at their profession.

The key part of the TLC was the coaching by Mary. She was structured, clear and had a logical methodology that was highly effective. TLC was goal driven, covered a lot of information, and was conveyed in concise but multiple working sessions that were easy to absorb and then put to practise on a daily basis. Although sessions were on a monthly/6 week basis, Mary made herself readily available to discuss, guide and evaluate a situation/circumstance/issue I was having to overcome and work through it with you. .

Marys coaching and the TLC format gave me the confidence to implement new techniques immediately as a leader, change my thought process, structure of my team/reporting and view things from others perspective, which has since seen myself grow professionally, and increase my capabilities for LD TOTAL as a Department Manager. I didn’t just learn “how” to become a better leader and manger but it provided me a much clearer understanding of the “what” and “why” making these changes would do for me, my teams development and LD TOTAL as a business.

I couldn’t imagine where I’d be right now, if my company hadn’t invested in me! I’d highly recommend Mary as a business coach and The Leadership Circle (TLC) for an individual to improve as a professional leader or manager for a business (employer) to benefit overall.

TLC assessment and processing of the 360 feedback (received by bosses, peers, direct reports and clients) was personally quite confronting, and Mary “the coach” put a lot of thought and expertise into interpreting this information and tailoring each TLC session with me to achieve the best outcome for myself; “the professional”. The main benefits came from doing the practical day to day assignments to keep you on track of achieving the change and goals required to be better at what you do for the company’s improvement. In my instance, as Design Manager of a team of nine (9) Landscape Architects and internal/external interaction with Managers, Clients and Contractors I put this into practise with daily tasks. So TLC was a blend of theory and practise that worked hand in hand.

I once heard “the best investment is in your staff”, and my General Manager supporting me to complete the TLC with Mary as my coach, I think I could say we have all seen the benefits it made for them personally, my staff and the business overall.

I had considered establishing and running my own business for many years but did not have a clear strategy as to how to accomplish this. Fortunately, earlier this year I met Mary at an ICF networking event and having discovered that Mary’s holistic outlook aligned with my own views and values both Personally and Professionally, I signed up for Business Coaching with her a few weeks later. Since then I have enjoyed and benefitted from her vast knowledge, honesty and professionalism in guiding, encouraging and challenging me to establish my own Coaching Business based on the qualities that I value the most. I have no hesitation in recommending Mary to anyone in business no matter what stage their business is at.

At our first meeting Mary confronted me with two critical obstacles to my progress as a leader and manager.  I had a lot of ‘shoulda’s’ and, I was inclined to anticipate the failings of others based on previous behaviours. I was creating self-fulfilling prophecies. I would get the result that I had foreseen because that was all I was looking for.  Mary helped me to understand that I have to take ownership of my internal dialogue, turning ‘I shoulda’ into ‘I will’. In addition, I had to learn to anticipate and seek the best outcome from interactions with others. My focus on priorities has improved and now I regularly obtain the results I need from my staff. Now it’s the desired outcome that I’m looking for. Mary doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, Mary tells you what you need to hear!

Via the EPP Program

I met Mary at an event at the right time and what drew me to her is her wisdom and level of qualifications in her chosen field which gave me the confidence to work with her. Over that year we met on a regular basis and she helped me to be the best version of myself. She enabled me as a coach would to give me the third eye to discuss my obstacles and identify what was important to me. This provided me with pure focus and from there came a new found motivation. It also equipped me to then meet the challenges as they came as I had the tools to centre myself and have the stronger belief in me to find the answers that were right for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mary for both indiviuals and corporations, she works with the highest level of integrity, care and wisdom that enables her to empower her clients to achieve the results/success they are looking for beyond expectations whatever they may be.

We have been in business for approximately 3-years. In the initial years, we were predominantly working from our homes, which meant that communication was mainly via the phone and at periodic meetings. Throughout 2016, we decided that we needed to take the business forward in a significant way. Part of this included moving into offices.

Following discussions with Mary, we signed up with Coaching Business Success to get assistance with formulating our Business, Values, Vision and Mission. Mary took us through a rigorous process of self-evaluation and we have come up with a Values, Vision and Mission statement that we are very proud of. We also did a Leadership Assessment which evaluated where we are currently spending our time, compared with where we want to be.

The outcome of the work that we did with Mary is that the business values are fully aligned with our own and we have a much better framework for all of our future decisions. The discussions also led to a change of business name. We highly recommend Mary as a Business Coach.

If you are looking for direction, clarity and confidence, Mary can help you reveal what is true to you, through her coaching. I recently had a values coaching session with Mary to help me with decision making in business and life. The process confirmed the values I knew were important to me, but revealed the order which has given me clarity on how I do make decisions. Mary has high integrity and professionalism, while being friendly and warm, and made me feel comfortable leading up to the process. If you are feeling stuck, book a session with Mary to connect with your purpose and gain clarity and focus. Thanks for your help Mary.


My coaching with Mary over the last 6 months has changed my life for the better in many ways.  Mary helped me to negotiate a new, much more valued role in my job and I can now see a fulfilling future as a leader within the company.  I use many of the strategies Mary taught me to now help mentor my junior staff.  I have also set several personal goals which my husband and I are working towards together.  Mary took me well out of my comfort zone and definitely challenged me but the results have been amazing in the short time I have spent with her.


Mary has given me on and off coaching for over 2 years and over that time I have found her to be extremely helpful in her professional manner and advise to assist me in the role that I play as Managing Director of my organization.  I recommend Mary as a coach that can attentively listen to your circumstances and without giving straight out this-is-how-i-would-do-it-advice, will explore with you and get you to come up with different views/perceptions and opportunities to look at the circumstances and arrive at the next steps best to take.  Mary is personable and has coached me through to get great results out of my organization. Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity.

When I started my own business, I had technical knowledge and passion, however these weren’t enough to make it successful and I was so stressed and not achieving any profit that I was thinking of giving up. With Mary’s business coaching, I have understood that there is a lot more than technical knowledge and passion to be put in a business. All the barriers that I had created in my own personality were affecting the way I was conducting my work. I have then learnt that being authentic and maintaining integrity improves communication and relationships with clients. As a consequence, my fear of being judged has disappeared and I feel free to convey my passion for my work, as well as better applying my technical knowledge because my mind feels lighter. I don’t have to put too much effort in looking professional anymore, I actually AM professional, and quality and credibility are just the natural outcome of my authentic behaviour. My business has greatly improved since, as well as my lifestyle as I have to work less to achieve my goals.

I first met Mary in July 2011 as part of Curtin University’s Growth Manager Program; she was assigned to me to be my Mentor throughout the course. I quickly developed a fantastic, trusting relationship with Mary and shortly after those first couple of meetings I noticed many benefits of our relationship coming through to my day-to-day life. Whether personal or professional, I could talk to Mary about any “problem/issue” I was having and she would help me to put steps in place so I could move myself forward, set and reach my goals all while keeping a positive outlook and remaining future-focussed. I continued seeing Mary after the Growth Program had finished up and can honestly say that it is one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I am now much better at recognising particular thoughts/patterns in my mind when I’m confronted with an issue and I also have a greater understanding of myself and why I do the things I do – this is an incredibly liberating feeling!  My boss (and also my good friend) also started having sessions with Mary after seeing the benefits that I was gaining. Mary is kind, warm, friendly and also has a brilliant sense of humour to boot!  She has had an outstanding impact on my life and I will continue to recommend her to friends and colleagues who want that extra boost in their step. If only there were more people like Mary, the world would be a much kinder place!

I have very much enjoyed working with you over the past few months. Firstly I would like to thank you and certainly recommend you to anyone wanting some coaching/mentoring or even just someone to chat with that has a genuine interest and understanding. Sometimes we do not often get the chance to reflect on how we work with our colleagues and also how we can develop as a person. Working with you has given me the opportunity to learn some new communication skills for both business and in my family personal life. Mary you are very passionate about helping people and with your good listening and simple approach, I found that I have benefited from our coaching sessions and look forward to the opportunity of working with you some more in the future. Many thanks.

Thank you Mary, I really do appreciate the time and energy you have exerted with my (Coaching) sessions. I feel that I have grown as Manager, Partner and as a person. Although the changes are slow, and might appear to be small they are happening and I can already see the benefits of our coaching session at work and at home. I sincerely want to thank you for being who you are and especially for what you do – Your awards are well deserved – be sure you celebrate them!

Dear Mary, I am writing this to say thank you for helping me with my life skills. When I undertook these sessions I was hoping to gain something that would help in my role as a Manager. What you did was improve my business procedures and self-belief and also provided direction on communication with my family and employees. You showed me my value, to my family, my employers and my work colleagues in the 6 sessions we had. With the small goals that I set between sessions, you always challenged me to find the right answer for me, and never forced your opinion on me. I was comfortable to confide in you, and with that trust, you showed me processes to make business more manageable and home life to be more fulfilling. Thank you.

“In terms of worth $$, I don’t believe a $ value is appropriate as the “worth” is a priceless entity and as a value that is determined via the Leader, their Team and how they feel achieving their objectives.”

Stott + Hoare would like to give a big thank you to Mary Argese of Life Coaching Success for the fantastic work she has done with our staff over recent months. Mary’s professional approach and exemplary coaching skills have had a very noticeable impact on the company as a whole, as well as staff well being and individual career development. We would also like to thank her for several referrals leading to new business for Stott + Hoare.

Hello Mary, I would like to thank you for your work and share some success we have collectively achieved.  On the 25th of August at the Price Attack Annual Gala dinner in Fiji our work was recognised with the announcement of 2010 People Development Award for Price Attack being our company thank you……What was even more exciting was the nomination came from submissions put forward by the Staff. I was totally unaware.  I would firstly like to thank you for your work as a Coach and Mentor working with myself as a Coach for 10 months in creating new ways of thinking about business challenges and the way we work with our staff to achieve different outcomes.  Along this process we accepted your invite, firstly to attend a Bush Walk Coaching Trek and latter, for a couple of our staff to join another trek supporting them to challenge their own personal development.  My trek experiences were essential in providing me with clear thinking time: connecting with nature: coaching to make change: exercise and the opportunity to break away from busy routines that often prevent focus.  Thank you Mary for your assistance and understand we can make change by changing our perceptions.

Coaching with Mary enabled me to work more confidently and efficiently, and equipped me with the skills to create a calm and positive sense of well-being. During our coaching sessions we addressed factors of work and social life that were previously fostering negative energy and explored ways to resolve these and refocus that energy in a constructive way. Coaching identified the importance of building and improving relationships both in and out of the office, which provided a significant positive effect almost immediately.  Since undergoing coaching with Mary I am able to work more productively and without stress or anxiety. From a personal perspective it has also benefited my relationships with loved ones, improving the lines of communication and nurturing higher levels of honesty and understanding.

I would just like to say how much Mary has helped me with my work, home and personal life. It has made a difference in who I am as a person and how people see me. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to her for everything she has done to make my life, in general, happier and healthier.

Since coaching with Mary begun I have noticed personal growth within myself and also a positive change within my work environment. My confidence levels have increased and I now focus on the positive ways I contribute at work. Our sessions have coached me to be more aware of all aspects of my behaviour including thinking/feeling and emotions and how to get the best out of being aware of these things both personally and at work. Thankyou Mary, I have most definitely benefited from our sessions together.

Mary has helped me personally and Beyond Skate immensely! I have developed new leadership skills that previous to being on the Curtin Growth program and working with Mary were foreign to me. I have discovered ways to be more efficient with my workload and more understanding of different staff members needs working with there strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses. My rapport with the store managers has improved and I don’t have as much stress.

Mary has helped me personally and Beyond Skate immensely! I have developed new leadership skills that previous to being on the Curtin Growth program and working with Mary were foreign to me. I have discovered ways to be more efficient with my workload and more understanding of different staff members needs working with there strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses. My rapport with the store managers has improved and I don’t have as much stress.

It has been an absolute pleasure in meeting my (Curtin Entrepreneurial Centre) Mentor Mary and what a perfect match it was.  I recall Mary and my first meeting.  We clicked instantly and I found myself telling her things I never thought I would.  Mary has been an inspiration and has had an enormous impact on my growth and development.  She provided a key to unlock all the uncertainties I had in my life.  She has helped me respect myself and believe in myself and let my soul shine.  I can honestly say I have never been as comfortable with another human being as I have with Mary.  I am sure she will always remain a great friend because I believe she is one in a million.

I am truly grateful to the BizFit program for matching me with Mary in the mentoring component of the program. After the first hour I spent with Mary, I knew there and then that I wanted to continue my coaching sessions with her beyond our scheduled 5 hours. Mary is insightful, honest, very giving and a wonderful listener. Through her positivity and encouragement, Mary has helped me to become more confident in who I am and what I want to achieve. She has also provided me with much needed guidance to run my new business successfully. After each session, I always leave with positive tools and actions that motivate and focus me to make things happen. Mary has redefined what success means to me. The changes I have implemented since working with Mary have helped me to create a better business. Thank you Mary!

When I first met Mary I was very reserved & didn’t like to share. Through Mary’s persistence I have opened up allot and changed my life around for the better. On areas such as
* Communication
* Confidence
* Setting personal goals
* Personal life
It was a life changing experience that has helped me in more ways than I can mention.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you. My life has moved powerfully in the months we have worked together. I can see why I felt run down. I took way too much responsibility. It was exhausting. I can see the flow-on effect you work is having on my Team, my Family and my Friends and especially me, as I get compliments all the time. I love it. Thanking you gratefully.

When I attended my first appointment with Mary I was a little reluctant in discussing my life and apprehensive that anything Mary said could make it better. Mary came across as a caring and understanding person who is there to assist me in making my own changes in life, which enabled me to open up and show trust in her. Mary helped me see my problems in life differently and like a light house guided me away from the rocks. I deeply appreciate everything Mary has done for me.

Working with Mary as part of the mentoring component of the Curtin Growth Manager Program was undoubtedly the highlight of my course. Our one-on-one sessions proved greatly beneficial with Mary working with me in a confidential, open and honest manner to assist me in realizing and embracing my inner potential.  Through Mary’s refreshing style and approach to coaching, I have become more confident in who I am and what I can achieve which has impacted on both my personal and professional life in a positive manner.  Unlike other consultants/coaches I have worked with in the past, Mary displayed a true interest and care of what I had to say which greatly assisted the outcome of our sessions.  I would recommend the services of Life Coaching Success to anyone –whether it is for personal or professional coaching and look forward to one day working with Mary again.

Mary is a wonderfully giving person.  She has shown me such care and respect whilst guiding me with my business.  I was quite unfamiliar with the business world but Mary has introduced me to it in the most positive, encouraging and professional way.  Mary has taken time to listen and get to know me.  She continually acknowledges my achievements and sees my potential.  This gives me confidence in myself as a therapist and a business woman.  I see Mary’s style of coaching as a very holistic approach that considers the entirety of you as a person.  (I.e.: Your spiritual, environmental, social, mental and physical relationships with the world).  In this way Mary is helping me develop my business in the best was possible for me and the people I love.  Thank-you Mary!

From what began as a meeting to see if I could improve my work habits, started an unearthing of a range of emotions and false beliefs- it was an amazing experience in itself.  Thank you for helping me understand those emotions with trust, care, empathy and without judgment.  When I started I couldn’t imagine a world where I could not see light at the end of the tunnel.  Now I have an un-interrupted 360 degree view…and I gotta tell you it is a very beautiful world out there!  The investment in you Mary was worth its weight in gold and I will be FOREVER in your debt for making me believe in myself again.

Mary brings a terrific amount of energy and enthusiasm to her Clients.  She is a very honest person, and always holds the best outcome for her Clients as her most important driving force

On behalf of the WA Division Committee of Management and WA members, I would like to thank you for your inspiring presentation at the AIOP October Business Dinner held at the Citigate Perth on Tuesday 21 October 2008.  All members and guests who attended were impressed by your passion, energy and enthusiasm.  We could all relate to the ideas you presented on how to achieve the optimum balance between our work and personal lives.  From all in attendance at the October Business Dinner, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you ongoing success as you build your coaching business.

Working with Mary expanded my communication skills enabling me to communicate more effectively as a mid-level manager. This has proven to be very valuable and thank you for your great mentoring skills.

Mary has a great passion for people and for her work as a Coach and this is very evident in all of her interactions. Mary invests a lot of energy and enthusiasm into life and this, along with the high level of support she provides to others, is very beneficial for her Clients.

I wanted to send Mary a very big thank you for sharing so much of herself and her experiences with the AIOP group during this evening’s presentation.  I’m sure Mary has given not only myself, but many women present, some valuable “food for thought” (for want of better words).  I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to stand before a crowd of people she barely knew and share private thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Mary, you are truly an inspiring and wonderful woman and it was quite amazing to hear of the events within your life that have helped to shape and guide you in your choices.  For me, as one of the younger attendees present, I feel that through *AIOP I am afforded a rare opportunity to learn and gain insight from the experiences of women such as yourself who exude intelligence, confidence, beauty, compassion and brilliance – whilst still raising families, caring for parents and partners, furthering their education or careers… and still finding the time to take dance classes!

Mary brings an enormous presence to the Coaching alliance. I think of her as larger than life.  She radiates energy and inspires confidence in a completely natural way.  If I were asked to think of a Coach who was trustworthy, inspirational, and committed to giving all she has to offer, I would think of Mary.

Dear Mary, Thank you again very much for speaking at the EA/PA Conference in Perth (on 28 May 2009), your participation added tremendous value. I highly appreciate your time and effort at this successful event. On the day delegates filled out a feedback form based on their experiences and opinion from your presentation, which allows them to give the speakers a rating out of ten as well as ability to comment. The feedback from your presentation received a fantastic nine out of ten, and comments made included –  “Vibrant, entertaining and informative”, “Longer session would have been good”, “Excellent – not enough time”, “Very informative and inspiring – needed more time”, “Passionate and engaging, wonderful”, “Warm and engaging personality”. This shows that your presentation was highly relevant and informative to a range of experts, and your delivery was highly regarded. Again, thank you very much for your participation and I appreciate all the time and effort that went into making your presentation as fantastic it was.

Testimonial for Mary Argese Executive/Personal Coach from Susan Evans, former Chief Manager of a divisional Program Management Office in Bankwest (Corporate Services).  I have since moved on to work in Wealth Management project delivery services in another financial group.  As part of my leadership development I felt that courses I attended were costly and not giving me the development return that I wanted, I personally was floundering on where to take my development plan

–    Action Taken

Completed 360 feedback reviews and as part of the package 3 leadership coaching sessions were included to help you review outcomes and build development plan.

–    Initial Process

I met with Mary for a coffee and we had a meeting were we got to know each other,  for me I immediately felt comfortable with Mary and felt that she would be honest, open and trustworthy

–    Meeting

We met for the initial 3 sessions and then continued for another 3 months.  In all the sessions Mary is focuses on you;   Mary ensures that the session covers what you want and has an uncanny way of getting you to the point you perhaps didn’t consider. I felt trust, confidentiality and most of all respect in the sessions.   Mary had at her very core my well-being and that was something I was very appreciative of.

–    Result

Over the six month period I met with Mary, my leadership styled changed,  perhaps it was subtle with some work colleagues but without any  doubt my relationships with my own team grew stronger, there was greater trust, openness and for all those managers out there the outcome saw increased work quality and staff ownership/empowerment too.  For me however, it was the personal journey that I as an individual took in understanding myself that was the ultimate benefit.

Mary enable me to look at situations differently and it was that perspective that created for me the biggest change,  I was a person who was working long hours,  stressed and starting to lack motivation in my role.

By session 3 I had made changes that were for me already showing significant rewards.  You know that work/life balance leaders always strive for, I achieved it and funnily enough my team’s performance and reputation went up too.

The additional sessions were value adds for me (and I confess I am contemplating more), it enabled me to focus on specific areas e.g. understanding GenY.  We never stop growing as leaders whether we manage teams or manage ourselves and facilitate business futures, for me it was all about finding the right direction, what works well and what I can do to ensure outcomes are good for all parties.

Mary,  my personal recommendation is there,  you are great, honest, open, trustworthy and you care,  your ability understand and navigate a person to a place where they can realize real benefits in so many facets of their work, personal lives should not be under-estimated.  Thank you……

It is very difficult to say what a positive experience it has been in working with Mary Argese, there are just too many good things to put down in a paragraph.  Mary is such a wonderful person, non-judgemental, educated and insightful; really able to focus and challenge you to reach the best outcome for yourself.  Mary’s approach to coaching is setting goals, reflecting on success, considering one’s wellbeing and challenging my thinking worked really well for me. Mary Has made a real difference to my personal and professional life and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her and would thoroughly recommend her to others.

“Mary has given me on and off coaching for over 2 years and over that time I have found her to be extremely helpful in her professional manner and advise to assist me in the role that I play as Managing Director of my organization.  I recommend Mary as a coach that can attentively listen to your circumstances and without giving straight out this-is-how-i-would-do-it-advice, will explore with you and get you to come up with different views/perceptions and opportunities to look at the circumstances and arrive at the next steps best to take.  Mary is personable and has coached me through to get great results out of my organization.”

“In my dealings with Mary, I have witnessed that she is a passionate, caring and committed coach who works with clients in an open and transparent manner, delivering great results.

I consider Mary an expert in her field. She delivers sound advice and understanding based on her considerable experience of helping people over many years. Through knowledge and her unique ability to connect with people she achieves results and desired outcomes for her clients. I would recommend Mary to anyone as she listens and understands just what is required to assist those who use her services.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mary for the past 12 months. Mary is an Executive and Personal Life Coach who is caring and committed and who works openly and honestly with her Clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Mary and the services she provides.

I have been witness to many business and life coaches and have also been extremely skeptical of their knowledge and willingness to understand the core issue with clients. Mary works with a number of mutual clients and I have witnessed a growth in confidence, assertiveness and understanding of their core activity as a result. The culture within any organization is extremely important and Mary provides the forum for individuals to express themselves and discover what areas they are required to develop.

Mary works her magic in a very personable and methodical way that ensures results.

Mary has been my mentor in 2012 during my participation with the Curtin University Growth Manager program. This time of my life has been a period of large changes both personally and professionally and being able to talk these through with Mary and set concrete goals for myself has assisted me in finding the path that is right for me through the many options. Mary’s cheerfulness, humor and insight helped me to focus on the positives and the future rather than dwell on the problems and the past. I look forward to working with her in the New Year as I progress on some of my new goals.

Mary has challenged much of my thinking and many of the actions I have been taking over the years, and by explaining the reasons for the challenge and the alternative thinking and actions that can be taken, made some positive and pleasant changes to my life. The changes are not always easy or comfortable and there are still some hard yards to do, however there are no longer obstacles to success in my future. Thank you.

No matter what your age or experience you should never stop learning and always remember you don’t know everything. Mary is great at Coaching individuals and Teams to realize their full potential in a very practical way. She is a very inspirational persona and a thorough professional.

I was given the chance to work with Mary through my employer and I’m very thankful for the opportunity! For me, the Business and Life Coaching has been a huge success. Mary is a wonderful and caring person. I learnt so much with each session, all with Mary’s help and support. The difference to both my work and personal life has been so positive, not only have I noticed the changes but so have the people closest to me. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone looking to make positive adjustments in their life.

“Mary is an exceptional coach, caring, focussed and intuitive in helping the Coachee fulfil their potential. The time I spent with Mary as my coach was extremely beneficial, the techniques and tools she provided me with have continued to support me 3 years on. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

The coaching that Mary has given to me has made a huge difference. Being able to work through problems and have someone to give honest feedback was very refreshing. Many things in my life have improved as a result of the coaching Mary has given me. I would highly recommend Mary.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Mary as my Business Coach. I felt very comfortable with her from the very beginning and loved every one of our sessions together. Some days I would start the session thinking I have nothing to say or learn and after only an hour I would walk out of the session feeling so much better and full of knowledge! Mary has a great way of looking at things and simplifying it for you to make it easy to overcome obstacles and negative ways of thinking. I still reflect back on my learnings from Mary to help me out everyday. Thank you so much Mary for all your help, support and encouragement!