Life Coaching Success works with you to make things happen – we develop you to create, reach and live to your highest true possible potential, by supporting you to make behavioural changes in your work and personal life.

  • We provide you with the most empowering, supportive and productive coaching relationship possible and we are flexible in the structure that your coaching can take – it is up to you.
  • Listed below are our coaching packages, including the features and investment for each program.
  • All packages include your choice of face-face, Zoom or Phone.
  • If an appointment time is not kept/missed by the Client, it will be deemed as being taken and full fees apply.
  • Appointment changes require a minimum of 2 working days’ notice, otherwise are deemed taken.

Step 1: Choose from one of the packages below
Package 1 Refocus Coaching
4+ months of Coaching = 1x 1hour session per fortnight for 8 fortnights
Investment $1,760+gst

Package 2 Direction Coaching
4+ months of Coaching = 1x1hour session per week for 12 weeks
Investment $2,640+gst

Package 3 Change Coaching
6+ months of Coaching = 1x1hour session per fortnight for 12 fortnights
Investment $2,640+gst

Step 2: At the conclusion of one of the packages above, you take the opportunity of:
Having 1x1hr session per month for 6 months Investment = $1,320+gst, or
You are most welcome to take another of the above packages 1, 2 or 3

Step 3
At the conclusion of step 2, then you can take the opportunity of having Coaching as required, on an hourly rate $220+gst/hr.
Investment: The session is booked, the invoice is raised, and payment is made prior the coaching date.

  • All the packages allow/include ‘reasonable extra support’ in-between Coaching Sessions, via emails and phone-calls.
  • Sessions may go slightly, over the hour if required, and at no extra charge, because we believe the Client is important. 
  • We ask that all Clients commit to their decision for coaching by paying in monthly, advance.

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