Six Tips to Get Ahead While Working From Home

When it comes to navigating this ‘new normal,’ the wheels continue to turn for businesses across the globe.

We live in unexpected, and unprecedented times. Things are changing by the day, and many of us are now responsibly working from home in a bid to social distance ourselves from one another.

Gone are the familiar faces of your colleagues, the daily morning and afternoon commute, the need to dress professionally, and of course, the familiar office environment, which has been replaced with a room at home.

With the right setup and approach, you can develop and grow the very art of self-discipline while ‘chugging along’ during this somewhat odd and uncertain time. This is about meeting deadlines, kicking business goals, ticking off that to-do list, maintaining your health and happiness, and of course, succeeding at your job.

Here are some handy tips to get things started.

1. Get into the ‘Rhythm’

Making the journey from ‘pillow to keyboard’ doesn’t need to be a ‘slump out of bed at 8:58’-type situation, only to be working at 9am. This approach simply won’t work. Wake up at a reasonable hour, and perform your typical morning routine (sense the morning commute, of course). Arrive at your workstation fresh, awake and ready for the day.

2. Enjoy the Fresh Air

Taking advantage of the fresh air, regardless of where you live or where your workstation is, will work wonders. Naturally ventilated areas have been linked to enhanced worker productivity. Working from home, this is more important than ever.

Breathe in the fresh air, refresh the mind, and remember how beautiful the world is outside – after all, it’s yours to enjoy.

3. Get Outside

If you aren’t exhibiting any symptoms of the virus, why not enjoy the outside areas of your home? Take a visit to the backyard, outdoor alfresco, front yard or balcony during your lunch break or for a quick breather.

4. Communication

Replicating the ‘in-office’ experience means maintaining face-to-face communication, and the beauty of modern technology means this is still very possible. Use workplace instant messaging platforms (Slack, for example), email, or video conferencing services (depending on what your employer prefers to use) to maintain clear and concise communication going.

5. Privacy

Whether you live with family, friends, your significant other or a furry (or even scaly) friend or two, it’s important to set boundaries when working from home. This means clearly communicating with them that during the working day, that you are working as normal, and to minimise distractions. Upholding a work-appropriate demeanour is important when having video or voice calls with clients or co-workers, even if you are at home.

6. Socialising

Removing the office environment from your working day can be tough. Why? Because that daily dose of social interaction is a key ingredient in eliminating the feeling of isolation or loneliness. It’s a feeling we mightn’t ever experienced before, and this is completely normal. After all, you are going from one extreme to another – no longer are you seeing familiar faces every day.

Maintain your connection with colleagues, and be in touch with them throughout the day to share your thoughts, listen to theirs, check in with them or offer a helping hand to all things work-related.

7. Dedicate a room, and time, specifically for work

Set up a room with a desk. Close the door. No interruptions. Make it a work-only area. When you leave that room then you can go back to being a parent, partner, or room-mate. Have set work hours and stay strong on these.

Work only within your set work hours. Your personal time is for you to enjoy. Whether it involves physical exercise, digital socialising with friends or family, or enjoying your favourite television show or movie.

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