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Are you interested in being a part of a forum of 4 women (per group)? Who support each-other? Especially if the cost comes down to $45/hour (from $200/hour)?

My reason for creating Women’s Coaching Groups are based on my

8 years of Coaching:

Some Women may feel/think that there is something not quite right/missing in life and they want support to change – change direction in life, want to be ‘better’ at work, at home, creating/wanting a new business opportunity …….many reasons….. Coaching may be the KEY

To make Coaching affordable to everyone

Have Group Support as well as support from a qualified/trained/experienced Personal Life Coach

To listen to others perspectives, as another way of developing and growing

To know that you are not alone

What can you gain from this opportunity?

Surpassing yourself and being the best you can be

Encourage you to define and express your own needs and to value and use your own knowledge and resources

Leading and taking control of your life

Realising what the full potential and awareness of ‘choice’ creates

Removing our own barriers to the Glass Ceiling

Setting boundaries in relationships (personal/at work/in business/with Children/with Family)

Becoming assertive

Grounding self-worth and self esteem

Enable you to increase confidence in your ability to control your own life

…….and much more!!

What will the Content be?

This is up to each group

The goals/outcomes will be set by each group at the first session

Each group will be unique to what it needs from me, and, what will gain from each other


How is it run? 8 x 2 hours sessions fortnightly.

$720 + GST (Payable in advance).

This will give you 4 months of Coaching support for less than $200/month!

These fees are payable in advance.


38 Jardine St, Stirling (OR in-house for *Corporate work). Once I get group numbers (group size 4 maximum), I will set dates/times.


Let me know if you would be interested in joining one of the following: 

Partnered Women who run their own businesses and have children

Single Business Women, with Children

Partnered Business Women without Children

Single Business Women

Single Working Women

Fulltime Mums with Children

Working (in paid employment) Mums with Children

Group of Women

Who to contact?

Mary Argese
Executive Business & Personal Life Coach
T: 08 9242 7483
Mb: 0407 193 395
OR send an email to with your preferred Group, Best day/s, Best time of the day and including a phone contact number.

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